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Managed Private Cloud

Ikoula Private Cloud is a turnkey solution with a single interface including an orchestration tool, a load balancer, firewall rules and an EC2 API like. You can deploy your private cloud on different geographical areas and thus get closer to your end customers.

  • Cost control with billing established in advance.
  • Interoperability with APIs EC2 like.
  • Orchestration tool from a single web interface.
  • Low latency guaranteed between deployed instances.
  • Dedicated infrastructure with the deployment of private instances.
  • Managed by our experts and 24x7x365 supervision.

Geographical zones

Zone Code Private cloud
Public Cloud
  Singapour - Z1 - ADV AP-SG-Z1-ADV oui oui
  France - Reims - Z1 - ADV EU-FR-IKDC1-Z1-ADV oui oui
  France - Reims - Z2 - ADV EU-FR-IKDC1-Z2-ADV oui oui
  France - Reims - Z3 - BASIC EU-FR-IKDC1-Z3-BASIC oui oui
  France - Eppes - Z4 - ADV EU-FR-IKDC2-Z4-ADV oui oui
  France - Eppes - Z5 - BASIC EU-FR-IKDC2-Z5-BASIC oui oui
  United-States - Floride - Z1 - ADV US-FL-Z1-ADV oui non
  Germany - Z1 - ADVNEW EU-DE-Z1-ADV Shortly non
  Germany - Z2 - BASICNEW EU-DE-Z2-BASIC Shortly non
  Netherlands - Z1 - ADVNEW EU-NL-Z1-ADV Shortly non
  Netherlands - Z2 - BASICNEW EU-NL-Z2-BASIC Shortly non
  Switzerland - Z1 - ADV EU-CH-Z1-ADV Shortly Shortly
  Luxembourg - Z1 - ADV EU-LU-Z1-ADV Shortly Shortly

Ikoula Private Cloud offer

Type of host
Raid 5 Server with spare disk
Mono Xeon Mono Xeon Bi Xeon Bi Xeon Bi Xeon Quad Xeon
Cores Number in HT* 4 cores-8 Thread 6 cores-12 Thread 12 cores-24 Thread 12 cores-24 Thread 12 cores-24 Thread 24 cores-48 Thread
RAM 32 GB 64 ou 96 GB 128 GB 192 GB 384 GB 384 GB
Direct storage(1) version SAS or SATA 2 TB
(2x2 TB SATA)

1,8 TB
(4x900 GB SAS) ou
4 TB
(4x2 TB S-ATA)

4,8 TB
(10x600 GB SAS)
7,2 TB
(10x900 GB SAS)
18 TB
(24x900 GB SAS)
12,6 TB
(16x900 GB SAS)
Direct storage(1) version SSD 900 GB
(2x900 GB SSD)
1,8 TB
(4x900 GB SSD)
7,2 TB
(10x900 GB SSD)
7,2 TB
(10x900 GB SSD)
18 TB
(24x900 GB SSD)
12,6 TB
(16x900 GB SSD)
NIC 2 x 1 Gbs 2 x 10 Gbs 2 x 10 Gbs 2 x 10 Gbs 2 x 10 Gbs 2 x 10 Gbs
Host Outsourcing Included Included Included Included Included Included
Single interface management Included Included Included Included Included Included
Price per GB Ram 9,343€ 7,187€ 11,640€ 9,843€ 6,484€ 7,526€
Price per GB SATA or SAS 0,149€ 0,172€ 0,310€ 0,262€ 0,138€ 0,229€
Price per GB SSD 0,655€ 0,661€ 0,415€ 0,484€ on demand on demand
(1) The servers have RAID 5 disks with HOTSPARE for more than 4 disks machines..
* Hyper-Threading

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Successful customers
  • "Ikoula was able to guide us in implementing our Cloud private CloudStack. Each difficulty encountered was quickly dealt with by the holder, whom we congratulate for their expertise!" -Guillaume Diogo, Developer PHP, BoostMyShop see client case
  • "This is why the performance of equipment, the Council, the level of service and responsiveness provided by Ikoula suit us perfectly." -Michel Maini, commercial Director, firmware see the customer case. < a href = "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZWOooNS1nE?vq=large & rel = 0 & wmode = transparent & width = 640 & height=420" class="prettyPhoto" title="Micrologiciel"> video "
  • "trust is, in fact, the key word. That is why we work with Ikoula and that we recommend routinely." -NIcolas Mathon, founding partner, TMSW see the customer case. < a href = "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABWJATxhRbE?vq=large & rel = 0 & wmode = transparent & width = 640 & height=420" class="prettyPhoto" title="TMSW"> video "
  • "at Ikoula, they know to adapt to our needs and expectations. The 'ticket' system is well done and human relationships go very well. We also have a real admiration for technical support." -Frédéric Mahe, co-founder and CEO of Yakaz see the customer case. < a href = "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGlae3JV6PU?vq=large & rel = 0 & wmode = transparent & width = 640 & height=420" class="prettyPhoto" title="Yakaz"> video "
  • "the technical support is very responsive, including evenings and weekends which is particularly rare in France." This responsiveness is crucial for our sites that must be operational 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7." -Serge Jovanovic, General Manager of Indexel. see the customer case. see the video